Space Force Season 1
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Space Force Season 1 Torrent Donald Trump - It is this person who elected the people in the United States of America as president. As you know, many heads of state have their own policies and analogies. This billionaire was no exception, having adopted a number of laws that changed the situation in the country. In 2018, Donald decided to touch space, as well as the technologies associated with it. Studying the Solar System and stars, mankind has come nearer to the Universe. However, this was not enough for Trump, because the man believed that the United States needed to strengthen the army, not only earthly, but also space.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy
Issued: USA
Duration: 10 x ~ 00:36:00


Now the ministry of defense has a new goal. The plan was to create special ships that could instantly find themselves outside the atmosphere of the earth and hold out as long as possible in orbit. In addition, the president decided to create a special army among the stubborn and hardy soldiers. By order of influential personalities, fighters must protect the American population. The space race has begun again and the government is about to get ahead of other countries. A special rank of people begins training the newest Armed Forces.

June 18, 2018. This significant date will be forever remembered in the history of the powerful state of the United States of America, since then an unforeseen dizzying decree was issued from President Donald Trump. The essence of the new project was that in the near future the sixth type of troops - a space organization - will appear on the territory of a just power. An experienced billionaire reports that his beloved dear homeland can’t just end up in endless outer space, as the main character is going to dominate the universe.

Space Force Season 1 Torrent Mark Naird is a true legendary army general who has repeatedly been directly involved in a wide variety of government missions and operations. The courageous noble person is faced with an incredible, almost impossible task - by 2024 a close-knit friendly professional team should serve for the benefit of the motherland on the surface of the moon’s satellite. A successful doctor Adrian Mallory, who is a gigantic pacifist, will help the poor man to carry out such an undertaking. Tony Scarapiducci, who is a true genius from an early age, will be in charge of management.

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