The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3
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Miriam Meisel, a woman who, it would seem, has found true happiness. She has a great husband Joel, who has a wonderful sense of humor and is considered a successful stand-up artist. The young woman is all bogged down in family affairs. Every evening she goes to the club to support her husband, who is performing there. She is full of pride in a man, in addition, Miriam loves to make plans for their future life together.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Duration: ~ 57 min.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 Torrent Download Maisel was once busy with household chores and nothing suspicious was planned. Joel was a little late at work at this time. When the husband returned, put the woman in a severe stupor - they get divorced. The fact is that for some time now he loves another woman and now the moment has come when he wants to go to her, thereby breaking the heart of his young wife. She, in complete shock, was disappointed in her feelings, and in a man who mercilessly stole someone's ideas and gave them out as her own.

Evening Miriam Meisel went for a bottle of wine, but then the woman realized that she should not sit still and went to that very bar. She, already under the influence of alcohol, ran out onto the stage with a glass of wine, where she professed the story of her life, which blew up the audience. That is how the career of a young stand-up worker began.

America of the 50s, a world in which men rule, and the destiny of a woman is raising children and caring for her husband. So Miriam Maisel devoted all herself to her beloved husband Joel and the children. And while the husband is building a career as a stand-up comedian, speaking at the club, Miriam spins around the house all day. Every evening, she and her husband go to the club to watch the performance and support it.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 Torrent HD But even Miriam is forced to admit that there is no comedian from her husband, and one day she even finds out that Joel simply steals other people's jokes and passes them off as her own. This enrages a woman. But it turns out that the husband is not only a bad comedian, but the husband is also so-so. He admits to Miriam that he has long had an affair on the side and leaves the family. An upset woman does not know how to live on, there is no one to expect support from, even her parents have turned away from her.

And then Miriam does not find a better way, how to get drunk. Having drunk pretty much, she goes to the club where her husband worked. There, in one underwear, she utters such a bright and funny monologue that the audience escorts her with a storm of applause, mistaking her for a real stand-up. Sobering up, Miriam decides to drastically change his life. Now she herself will become a comedian and, moreover, not like her husband, but a real stand-up star. And very soon she succeeds. Miriam gathers halls and spectators in awe of her jokes. From an unknown housewife, she turns into a super star.

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