The Office Season 2
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The Office Season 2 Torrent In the very center of the plot are the workers of a huge company. They are in the regional office and do office work every day. Their boss is a self-righteous, bad-headed boss who terrorizes his subordinates every day. They are forced to endure from him constant miscarriages, nit-picking and ridicule.

Episodes: 1-22 of 22 full added 22 episodes

Actors: Steve Carell , Jenna Fischer , John Krasinski , Rainn Wilson...
Languages: English
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Comedy
Year: 2005
Runtime: 22


But the workers are also not a miss. They constantly dodge and come up with various dirty tricks for their boss. In a word, life in this office is in full swing. Each new series has its own amazing story, which is full of humor and absurdity.

The Office Season 2 Torrent Strange things are happening in the office of a paper company. General Manager Michael Scott has a too high opinion of himself. It seems to him that all subordinates deeply love and respect him. The views of ordinary workers are completely different from the ideas of the boss. The numerous and protracted meetings, intrigues and gossip initiated by the leader, bothered everyone. Some members of the company consider their leader a racist. The company works poorly and does not generate income.

The two main assistants, Jim Halpert and Dwight Shrut, are trying to pull production out of the abyss, to cover up their immediate boss. The matter is complicated by the difficult relationships between assistants competing with each other.

Against the backdrop of business problems, intriguing love relationships of the main characters unfold, which do not add value to the work. Michael has an affair with his immediate superior, Jen Levinson. Knowing that relationships can hurt both, Michael does not stop in his intentions. The firm is threatened with closure. The whole team should try to save their jobs.

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