The Politician Season 1
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The politician is not a simple matter, it is a delicate matter. It is necessary to be at the center of events all the time, to take part in this public life and be on the alert, to enrich your knowledge all the time so as not to lose to your cobbled colleagues. Politicians are a kind of shark, only truly brave and smart people can compete for the title of a real qualified specialist in this field of activity. Politics is attractive, but at the same time dangerous. The plot of the series will tell the story of a young, ambitious and uncompromising politician Python, originally from Santa Barbara. He knows exactly what political life is.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
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The guy sincerely hopes that he can change the world for the better, that his influential voters will support him in good faith, but this was a mistake. Too superficial opinion has developed about those people. The Politician Season 1 Torrent Download But Python made a lot of mistakes and himself, watch the series Politician from the movie. Due to the fact that the young man led an overly rich lifestyle, he could not fully understand the problems of ordinary people. But pure thoughts do not leave him, do not allow the heart to turn into stone, as is the case with other people embarking on the path of politics. But will Python be able to change the world? Do you have enough strength? Will he himself change when he spends more time in this hell?

Living in Santa Barbara, a young guy named Python independently chose his future career. His activity is very unusual, because he sent all his strength and aspirations to enter the university with a political bias. The Politician Season 1 Torrent HD From childhood, he was worried about events in the country, and dreamed of changing everything with his own hands. The protagonist is sure that he has a lot of ambitions to fulfill his plans and desires, he knows how to help society to establish a conflict situation, overcome the crisis and improve the quality of life.

Later, the character managed to earn positive reviews from professors and teachers of the university. They are ready to give recommendations on this young man, and in the future to help get a job in the political sphere, where he will have great opportunities to become an outstanding candidate for the post of future president. Python still does not stare at such a position, he only wants to look around and understand what he is dealing with, because at the present time corruption and endless injustice surround him everywhere. He is being introduced into the sphere of which he dreamed all his life. Now he has every chance to use his thoughts and plans in reality. Previously, he only thought about how to change the world, starting with the tops of power. Now he has the opportunity to make an incredible breakthrough in this area.

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