The Rookie Season 1
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What does a middle-aged man “over forty” from a provincial town decide? Right, become an employee of the Los Angeles Police Department! He is determined to change his occupation and goes to his cherished dream - to help people. As a result, the goal was achieved - he was accepted into the ranks of the guardians of the law. The newly-made cop becomes the oldest recruit among the newly recruited police officers. The Rookie Season 1 Torrent Of course, the young colleagues reacted to the outburst of their senior comrade with understandable skepticism, because he is older than them by a good couple of decades.

Episodes: 1-20 of 20 full added 20 episodes

Release Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Crime
Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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However, this does not stop the purposeful protagonist, he decides to become the best in his business - to defend the law and catch criminals in the streets. In the stone jungle of a big city, life experience, resourcefulness and an extraordinary sense of humor will come to his rescue.

The Rookie Season 1 Torrent For the main character, the work of a policeman has always been admired, because the police are fighting crime and helping ordinary citizens, protecting the order on the streets. From childhood, John Nolan only thought about what he would serve in the police when he grew up. But all these thoughts have not been realized for a long time, because John can no longer be called a young guy. But one day he decides to start another life, not thinking more about the past.

Although John was born in a small town, he still finds himself in a team of highly professional professionals working in Los Angeles. These police officers are not considered a mature enough man as a serious colleague, but John will do everything to prove that he deserves to be among the best. John has seen a lot in life, and also has a great sense of humor and determination, which allows him not to give up.

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