Why Women Kill Season 1
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Why Women Kill Season 1 Torrent Download The plot focuses on three different fates, each of which is united by a common grief. Each heroine is trying desperately to cope with adultery. The girls thought that having found their soul mate, they would be completely happy, but in return they received only betrayal and disappointment. So, the faithful and economic Beth tried to please her husband by any efforts, taking upon herself the fulfillment of all household chores.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Crime
Duration: ~ 00:49:00

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However, all her ideals regarding marriage, suddenly collapsed after she found out that her husband was cheating on her. The second heroine is the cheerful Simone, who never opposed having fun at a social party. But soon she, too, was waiting for betrayal by her husband. Lawyer Jade has just begun to live a family life. She met the man of her dreams, with whom she planned to play a wedding soon. Once, after returning home from work, a girl found her lover with another woman. Time flies mercilessly, but the attitude of wives to the betrayals of their other half does not change. What do all women who have been cheated have in common? This desire is to deal with his man and get rid once and for all from shared housing. What will end these stories of their lives of three heroines?

Why Women Kill Season 1 torrent hd will tell about the life of three heroines whom time shares. In 2019, she turned out to be a lawyer, in the eighties a fashionista and an attractive lady, and in the 60s she was an ordinary housewife. Each of the heroines has one thing in common, they cheat on their spouses. When you watch the series, you will find out exactly what prompted them to kill and why after that they remained calm. It is also worth saying that all the events of the new project why women kill are happening in the same house.

The life of the first heroine from this time began perfectly, she works as a lawyer, and saved up money to buy a house and restore it. After that, she met a young and handsome man, fell in love with him, and the heroes decided to get married. The woman was looking forward to a romantic dinner, and a marriage proposal, but instead, when she returned home she saw her beloved with another woman. The heroine was evil, she could not understand why he did this to her, and decided to kill. After this, it becomes known that this is not the first crime in an old mansion, since the same murders were repeated in the sixties and eighties. After this incident, the main character begins to study the past and finds out that her life is intertwined with other mistresses of this house.

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