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Experiencing financial difficulties, the school teacher tries to earn money to support his spouse and his disabled son, but the man did not suspect that the terrible disease was gnawing on the inside of the flesh. Breaking Bad Season 1,2,3,4,5 Walter is diagnosed, he has the last stage of lung disease, so the final line is close. A caring family man realizes that by honest means not to accumulate the required amount, the unfortunate intends to engage in the production of psychostimulants, for which you can earn a decent capital.

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Year of release: 2008-2013
Country: USA
Genre: drama, crime
Duration: ~ 50 min

Quality: BDRip
Format: AVI
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Breaking Bad Season 1,2,3,4,5 Torrent HD Chemistry teacher took a former pupil as a partner. Soon there are difficulties with the sale of goods. It seems that the participants were visited by the devil-tempter, now the guys need to remove their rivals, agree to theft. What force drove the Allies to impossible harm, without losing, the dealers continue to produce the drug, many opponents were determined, the chance of enrichment cannot be lost, which means they have to take the risk. Through the fires of doubt companions are ready to break into the darkness of lawlessness.

The troubles in the business have been joined by personal turmoil, and it is difficult to get out of the negative fuss. The hero has new teammates, blood is shed, engaging in fights with opponents, the character will certainly come out the winner. What will be the final of the dirty work of drug dealers, perhaps by order of the company will soon go to hell.

Breaking Bad Season 1,2,3,4,5 Torrent Download School chemistry teacher Walter White led a quiet and measured life. Not everything turned out the way he wanted, but the natural antipathy to conflicts of any kind made him resigned to many things. Everything changed when the doctors made a terrible oncological diagnosis - a wave of deep despair seized the hero.

By coincidence, he finds himself in a police car at the time of the detention of a local drug dealer. Walt recognizes in the young man a former student, the untalented slob Jessie Pinkman, and an incredible plan comes to his mind. Teaming up with a young man, he steps on a slippery slope and plunges into the tumultuous river of the drug business. Mr. White prepares a special sort of methamphetamine, unique in its purity, which instantly gains success in the market and the keen interest of both the major business tycoons and the anti-drug department.

His work becomes dangerous, at the same time gaining momentum and bringing unprecedented money to the heroes. The bosses of influential drug cartels are ready to go to great lengths to learn the secret of the amazing blue meta. But Walter is confident in the imminent death and intends to ensure a decent future for his wife and children, so he is not going to stop there.

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