Briarpatch Season 1
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Allegra had long left her home, because she needed to look for a suitable profession related to law enforcement. She was a fighter for justice, and took this example from her parents. But, unfortunately, she was not going to be in her native town, because she wanted to start life from scratch. For a long time, she lived in Washington, managed to get the bosses to be here, many respected and appreciated her as a specialist, because she became a detective, could investigate any malicious actions, and made some success in the investigation. Briarpatch Season 1 torrent online free.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Title: Briarpatch (TV Series 2019)
Actors: Rosario Dawson , Jay R. Ferguson , Edi Gathegi , Brian Geraghty...
Languages: English
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller
Year: 2019
Runtime: 42
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

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But unexpectedly, the person was informed of the tragic news related to her sister. It turns out that a relative also worked in the police department, but in the city of Texas, an unforeseen circumstance happened to her. It greatly outraged the main character. Now she intends to return home and investigate the situation of her sister. The person does not believe that the car was faulty and exploded from a breakdown, in fact, she realizes that someone helped the girl die. The young lady wants to get to the truth and declassify intruders. But it soon became clear that the local authorities neglect their duties, and mock animals. Somehow the dead girl tried to stop them.

Briarpatch Season 1 Torrent Piratbay The famous investigator from Washington, Allega Dill, was forced to return to his hometown by sad circumstances: the brutal murder of her sister. The heroine of the series The Thorny Path is simply obliged to find and punish the criminal. But the whole difficulty lies in the fact that the city, familiar to her from childhood, has changed dramatically.

Where Allegra expected to find active help and assistance in the investigation of the murder, she meets a universal conspiracy of silence. The local police, the authorities are directly interested in "letting the matter slip." As an experienced investigator, the heroine clearly understands this, but does not agree to stop. The only question is how ready she is for the difficult trials and discoveries that she will meet on her way.

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