Deputy Season 1
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The main character of the series is Billy Hollister. For a long period of time, a man works as a policeman. Every day he reveals another case. Skirmishes, pursuit, captures - all this is an integral part of his life. And Billy considers vocation to cleanse the city street from crime. It may seem to many people that a man uses very cruel methods. But all of them lead to good results. And Billy always catches criminals. He is even ready to give his life for the safety of citizens. After all, the work of the police is for him the meaning of life.

Episodes: 1-13 of 13 full added 13 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Duration: ~ 00:45:00

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Deputy Season 1 Torrent HD He does not imagine that he can do something else. Suddenly comes the news that the sheriff of the city called Los Angeles. And now instead of him, Billy will take the place of the sheriff. After all, about 170 years ago, a law was passed stating that after the death of the sheriff, a deputy takes his place. For Billy, this news is not very good. After all, he was used to catching criminals in the Wild West. And now you have to sit in the office, disassemble documents, communicate with people from politics. The protagonist understands that now his life will not be the same. You must either reconcile, or act and begin to change everything.

"Deputy" - a fascinating series that talks about the events in Los Angeles. Numerous criminals are operating in the district, therefore, representatives of the organization for the protection of order are trying to somehow resist them. True, it turns out not very cool. The protagonist of this project works as an assistant to the sheriff. He is a confident policeman who has learned a lot from his parents. Those also served the law.

Deputy Season 1 Torrent Download Sergeant Hollister has a very strong character, ability to control the blow, fearlessness to criminals and a tough masculine character. True, so far he does not have the most important thing that a man would like to receive - the authorities and the ability to independently manage their actions. True, soon he will feel like a sheriff. The latter will die under sad and mysterious circumstances. According to the laws of the Los Angeles County, the next sheriff is appointed assistant to the previous one. They are the main character Hollister. Now that the hero has everything that he had dreamed about for so long, a man declares a large-scale war against representatives of the criminal world. He does not know mercy and condescension. This battle will become legendary!

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