Dirty John Season 2
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For a long time, Debra hoped to find a chosen one, she already has adult daughters, and her beloved is not enough. On the advice of her friends, she finds out that her friends in the social network met their future husbands, and offered her a similar opportunity. She registered on the Internet, and hopes to actually find a suitable life partner there. Suddenly, John invites her to a meeting, he works as a doctor, and has proven himself well.

Dirty John Season 2 Torrent HD Going on a date, the woman hoped to find a soul mate there, and the hero contributed to this. He fell in love with her, and really made her happy, cared for, brought flowers and coffee to bed, and everything seemed like a fairy tale for the heroine. But later, law enforcement authorities contacted her and said that he had manic capabilities. A man cannot restrain himself; he has already pursued and harassed numerous young ladies. Debra does not want to believe in these rumors. She believes that they are mistaken, but continues to keep an eye on her lover. And when they decided to live together, she realized that he was hiding behind the guise of a decent doctor. In fact, he is a serial killer, and she will not be able to escape from him.

Debra has already disbelieved that this is possible. Behind her - four marriages, which ended unsuccessfully. But once by chance on the Internet she meets an interesting man. Of course, in some way in life, Debra took place, she managed to create and successfully develop a business.

Dirty John Season 2 Torrent Download Now she is known as a wealthy and influential businesswoman. In addition, she is happy with almost adult daughters - Terra and Veronica. But still I want female happiness, so that there was a caring man nearby who could be relied on in difficult times. And now there is a virtual acquaintance, on which a woman has high hopes. But then, unexpectedly, children from past marriages begin to provide resistance. At a time when their mother is fascinated by Dr. John and does not notice anything, blinded by her suddenly surging feelings, her daughters notice that he begins to exert a psychological influence on her and manipulate her. It was too obvious for them how he began to draw money from the parent. The sisters begin to act.

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