Hightown Season 1
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Hightown Season 1 Torrent Jackie Quinones, a lesbian who loves partying, alcohol and fun. She works at the National Marine Fisheries Service. Her badge and gun usually impress women magically. The heroine of the action-packed detective Haytown lives on the Cape Cod Peninsula, in the town of Provincetown, Massachusetts.

As a federal agent, she is not too concerned about her work. Without much enthusiasm, Jackie wants to reach retirement and retire. But suddenly everything changes when she finds a body on the shore of the bay. Her quiet and settled life instantly turns upside down.

She understands that this is probably another victim of the opioid epidemic that has swept Cape Cod. The heroine of the series begins an investigation into the murder. At the same time, she takes the first steps to sobriety and tries to change her life.

Hightown Season 1 Torrent Cape Cod is a small provincial town located in the north of America. It seems that local police officers were able to completely rid the locals of criminals, giving people hope for a bright future. The plot of the picture acquaints the viewer with a charming fishing service agent who has been engaged in catching poachers for many years. People around him see him as a truly brave person, ready for the performance of a duty for any sacrifice. Every day he patrols a whole multitude of rivers and lakes, trying not to miss a single important detail. He did not suspect that one day fate would force him to face truly terrible events that would make him look at the world around him with completely different eyes.

Once the protagonist discovers an unknown person in the bay. Realizing that something really terrible has happened here, the federal agent begins his own investigation. Soon, evidence leads him to international drug dealers who intend to turn the lives of ordinary people into a real nightmare. Ahead of the story participants are waiting for difficult days, filled with unexpected twists of fate and new acquaintances.

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