Homeland Season 8
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The United States of America could not stand quietly and peacefully, watching how the people of Iraq were suffering. Intervened in the investigation and detention of terrorists. A whole army went to this territory, where they had to capture extremists at all costs, and destroy them on the spot, in case they couldn’t capture them alive. Everything went well until a detachment led by Nicholas Brody set off on a journey where several gangs' bases and organizations were to be destroyed. Homeland Season 8 Torrent Online.

Episodes: 1-12 of 12 full added 12 episodes

Actors: Claire Danes , Mandy Patinkin , Damian Lewis...
Languages: English
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller
Year: 2020
Runtime: 55


Heading on a long journey, the ship suddenly disappeared from the radar, and did not answer the endless calls of operators. Since then, the situation has worsened, and the life of the guys was unknown. A couple of years passed, unexpectedly, the special forces that attacked the Taliban group found Nicholas among the hostages. He was in a very broken condition, and everyone realized that the guy was tortured and mocked him. But those around did not wonder how they managed to survive, because the rest died. A few days later he takes up the duties of a law enforcement officer, and gets acquainted with Kerry. The girl has long been working in this area, and understands that there are no miracles in the world. She is sure that Brody is recruited, and now he will work against the state apparatus.

A representative man took part in a very important mission, the operation is related to the combat readiness of the United States of America against terrorist organizations. It turned out that it was rather difficult to be prepared, the forces of the marine corps were sent on the road, but unexpectedly on foreign territory they were attacked and captured. All the rest of the equipment and the vehicle were blown up, leaving no trace. Many times, the commanders sent detachments in search of the guys, but could not get to the designated area, because there were expected detachment detachments. Homeland Season 8 Torrent Mirror.

Eight years passed, a group of special forces sent to capture the Taliban, they had long been monitoring the area, and prepared a plan for the attack. When they got inside, they were suddenly horrified, in front of them was Nicholas Brody, the same captain of the team that disappeared along with the participants. He returns to his homeland, says that he had to endure what humiliations and beatings by the terrorists were prepared. Every day they intended to kill him, but kept in their right mind. Returning to his well-deserved position, Nicholas met his partner. But it soon became clear that she was preparing information against him. The young lady does not believe that the man so easily managed to survive.

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