Narcos: Mexico Season 2
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Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Torrent The film unfolds in the eighties, which eventually became a period of great change for the small Kamerena family. Kiki, the head of the family, receives a solid promotion at work, as a result of which he becomes the head of the police department in a small town. The man had long dreamed of taking this position, because he wanted to once and for all end the drug trade, which is developing rapidly.

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Release Year: 2020
Country: Mexico, USA
Genre: Drama, Crime
Duration: 01:05:44

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Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Torrent The feud between gangs of drug dealers grew into bloody clashes, in which ordinary civilians also died. Meanwhile, the new sheriff is confident in Guadalajara and immediately set to work. Felix Gallardno, a criminal authority in local circles, urges all criminals to unite under his leadership, convincing them that otherwise the drug business will come to an end. As a result, they listened to him, and the bandit was able to create a huge criminal clan that had all the resources for its existence, including weapons. Mexican guys are mired in a criminal world in which they are ready to do everything that is required of them for the sake of enrichment and respect from Felix. Kiki is a true professional in his field, and he understood that even more work awaited him in his new position. Therefore, a man is ready to fight a dangerous criminal. No one is going to retreat so easily.

Miguel Gallardo once was a policeman, but decided that drug trafficking was much more profitable ... The man started with the usual weed, but he was definitely not going to stop there - so his assortment was gradually replenished and with much heavier drugs. And then he completely set himself the ambitious goal of building his own cartel. To do this, he needs, firstly, to make their disparate Mexican dealers a network, and secondly, to begin sending Colombian cocaine to an ideal and very rich market in the United States.

But he has a serious rival - Kiki Camaren, who for the sake of business is even ready to leave his homeland and move to Guadalajara. Kiki is determined to put more than one drug lord behind bars, so Gallardo sees him as an excellent target. True, he quickly finds out his helplessness: as an employee of the American police, he can not even arrest Mexicans, not to mention the larger-scale operations, which do not have enough money or people.

But Kiki decides to act on his own - and his colleagues are charged with his determination. Soon, thanks to them, the fight against cartels takes on a certain scale. True, the drug war never ends, but you can at least win the battle.

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