Perry Mason Season 1
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Perry Mason Season 1 Torrent The powerful law firm of the great democratic country of the United States of America has always valued its many diverse workers. Among the above list, a modest but fair lawyer by the name of Perry Mason stands out, who, unlike other colleagues in the work shop, always carries out his own independent investigation before taking up the next defense.

The protagonist knows very well that thanks to his extraordinary original methods he will be able to organize a logical strategy in order to ultimately receive an acquittal. Once a noble decisive person, along with his old devoted comrade, private detective Paul Drake, was at an ordinary breakfast, an urgent call came from an unknown but influential person. An insidious voice begged tearfully to consider the trial, which accused the local government official of a cold-blooded heartless murder. The anonymous author claims that the prisoner could not kill the unfortunate victim, since at the time of liquidation he was in a different place. There was no choice but to go on an exciting journey.

Perry Mason is a lawyer who specializes in dealing with seemingly hopeless cases. He almost never acts with his fists, but at the same time he is completely confident in himself, and he is also not afraid to fight outright criminals. Perry Mason Season 1 Torrent The trump card of a lawyer is that he is outstanding, he has a sharp mind, and also a desire to win. In addition, he is aware of many things, and is also distinguished by his oratory. Perry Mason defends his client to the last breath.

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