Prodigal Son Season 1
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Torrent Download Boy Malcolm Bright suffered a severe psychological shock. The fact is that the guy loved dad very much and was always proud of him. For the time being, until I found out that an excellent heart surgeon, respected by colleagues for a high level of professionalism, lives a double life. In the clinic, he - saves patients by performing complex operations, and in his spare time commits brutal killings. The teenager realized that his adorable parent is a serial maniac. Like all people with this kind of mental disorder, he is smart. Therefore, he managed to kill more than 20 victims. As a result, he was pierced and received a prison term.

Episodes: 1-20 of 20 full added 20 episodes

Actors: Tom Payne , Lou Diamond Phillips , Halston Sage , Aurora Perrineau...
Languages: English
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller
Year: 2019
Runtime: 44


The son, wanting to understand the dad’s head and having received a psychologist’s diploma, is developing a unique theory based on conversations with his sick father. The man is a valuable specialist in the field of work with criminals suffering from mental disorders. He recognizes the individual handwriting of a crazy serial and foresees his next step. The young man uses his knowledge to help NYPD catch psychopathic rapists and murderers.

Prodigal Son Season 1 Torrent HD Malcolm Bright is an incredible and unique forensic specialist who specializes in finding psychopaths and serial maniacs. The majestic psychologist worked an impressive period with crazy people, and knows how to predict all their actions. Most often, the police are at a standstill when they get caught by such criminals, because they do not fall within the limited framework of primitive offenders with a thirst for profit, or commonplace avengers. Only the main character can transform into a violent potential patient of a psychiatric hospital in order to unravel his further course. This gift appeared in him for a reason. Malcolm's father was a maniac who at one time kept several states in fear. In the surrounding communities of the prison, the parent sawn off the sinister nickname “Surgeon”. During his life, he killed more than 20 people.

Despite the fact that he is sitting behind bars, the feeling of a drawn gaze has not disappeared. The situation gets out of control when other members of the family decide to use a similar state of the main character for their own purposes. A man suffering from neurosis understands perfectly well that more than one daddy concentrates boyish thoughts inside his own heart.

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