The Blacklist Season 7
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Former FBI agent Raymond Reddington, and now one of Red's most wanted criminals, surrenders voluntarily to the authorities. During interrogation, he reports that he has information about the finding of a dangerous terrorist Ramko Zamani and offers operatives assistance in his capture. The situation escalates when it becomes known about Ramcoe’s plans to abduct the daughter of General Daniel Riker, and the investigation agency is forced to resort to the services of Red. Among the terms of cooperation, Reidmont declares his desire to conduct business only with Elizabeth Keane, a girl who has just joined the FBI after graduation, which confuses the girl herself and casts a shadow of doubt on her reputation. And, under the patronage of Assistant Director Harold Cooper, the strange couple begins their work.

Episodes: 1-19 of 19 full added 19 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime, Detective
Duration: ~ 00:42:00


After the criminal is caught and rendered harmless, Red claims to be the owner of a “black list”, which lists the most dangerous terrorists in the last 20 years. Everyone understands that he acts in his own interests, and in which ones, he carefully hides, but the stakes are too high. And without much doubt, the bureau accepts Reddington's help.

The Blacklist Season 7 Torrent HD Heartbroken Liz begins her own investigation into the circumstances of her husband’s death. She manages to find the culprits of his death, but new details of the connection of the deceased spouse with the father of the homegrown detective are revealed. Soon, Dad is discovered to be a dangerous criminal wanted by federal agents. Once the special services carry out an effective cunning operation and catch the elusive Raymond.

The Blacklist Season 7 Torrent Download Convinced by irrefutable evidence and evidence of guilt, he agrees to work for law enforcement agencies, who have started a risky game to expose the criminal elite. The only condition for a recruited man is the requirement to send Elizabeth as a budding employee of the investigative office. A couple of relatives are taken for the assigned task, steadily making their way to the intended goal. Having reached the unfortunate secret list at the cost of incredible efforts, brave and purposeful heroes suddenly discover a conspiracy of patrons and fall into an extreme situation. They have to get out of the ominous trap, showing remarkable abilities of the loners who got into a death cover.

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