The Capture Season 1
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The Capture Season 1 Torrent Online Sean Emery knew from childhood that he would be a military man. Brave and confident, fearless and desperate in some actions. He visited many hot spots, fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, earned several awards and, returning home, hoped for well-deserved honor and respect. But events do not unfold as intended. A lawsuit has been launched against Sean on charges of killing a captive rebel. Main evidence - crime scene video. The film shows how a military man kills a prisoner, but the record is blurred and erased, it is difficult to guess in the killer Sean. There is little hope of an outcome in favor of Emery, but he was very lucky with a lawyer.

Episodes: 1-6 of 6 full added 6 episodes

Actors: Callum Turner , Holliday Grainger , Laura Haddock , Cavan Clerkin...
Languages: English
Country: UK
Directed by:
Genres: Crime , Mystery , Thriller
Year: 2019
Runtime: 60


The Capture Season 1 Torrent For Free Rachel Carey is confident in the innocence of her client. At the cost of incredible efforts and thanks to professionalism and the same desperation as Emery, she manages to prove the incorrect interpretation of the record. Sean is released in the courtroom. It seems life is getting better. The soldier finally sets off home, where a beautiful daughter awaits him, but after some time, the lawyer and client meet again. Sean is now accused of abducting a woman. Is Rachel wrong and defends a real criminal? Strange, professional intuition has never failed her.

After the former soldier Sean Emery’s charge of murder in Afghanistan was dropped due to incorrect video evidence, he returns home to his young daughter. But when night vision shots in London are born, Sean's life takes a shocking turn, and he will soon have to fight for his freedom again. With the involvement of D.I. Rachel Carey to investigate Sean's case, she quickly realizes that sometimes the truth can be a matter of perspective. Should she trust Sean Emery?

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