The Rookie Season 2
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From his youth, John Nolan dreamed of a policeman career, but fate decided otherwise, and for many years the guy felt that he was taking his own place in life. Divorce and gray existence oppressed, but once in the face of danger, he shows courage and helps save innocent people from armed robbers. At that moment, the forty-year-old loser realizes that he is obliged to fulfill his unfulfilled dream. John leaves the past and goes to conquer Los Angeles. As a rookie, he replenishes the ranks of courageous cops. Despite the sarcasm of the young recruits who in his eyes call him an old man, he works hard to earn the trust of his superiors.

Episodes: 1-20 of 20 full added 20 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Crime
Duration: ~ 00:43:00


The Rookie Season 2 Torrent HD Nolan is ready to prove every day what he is capable of. Together with his partner, he will have to patrol the area allotted to him, where for the first time a man will have to show how he can cope with unexpected and rather serious situations. A limitless sense of humor and self-irony allow him to earn the sympathy of his colleagues, and with bold deeds and his own composure in times of danger, he makes the boss respect him. The courage shown in each difficult case takes the newcomer to a new level, and now he is desperately fighting crime, constantly falling into difficult alterations, from which he skillfully emerges victorious.

The Rookie Season 2 Torrent Download Unrealized man John Nolan suddenly realizes that everything can be changed and return to the old dream of becoming a policeman. Life circumstances always forced the hero to abandon his own desires. Looking back, he realized that he was unhappy in marriage and hated his work. The bank robbery, where he simply went on business, was the long-awaited moment that prompted him to go to Los Angeles and finally realize his plans.

At forty, it’s not easy to join the youth team of the police, where everyone, unashamedly, says that he is old for such a job. However, no one dares to stop the recruit, because he wanted to protect people from arrogant criminal scumbags all his life. As a partner, John got a woman who could catch any intruder. At first, she was skeptical of his zeal, like the boss of the hero, but in practice Nolan confirmed his skillful ability to cope with critical situations perfectly. Soon he proved to every young man that he could beat them. The courageous and always sparkling with jokes rookie becomes an excellent policeman, and does not get tired of patrolling the city and putting law enforcement officers in jail.

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