Twin Peaks Season 3
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Twenty-five years ago, residents of the small town of Twin Peaks were stunned by the mysterious assassination of Queen School Laura Palmer. But the story is not over yet, the events of bygone days make themselves felt.

Episodes: 1-18 of 18 full added 18 episodes

Release Year: 2017
Issued: USA
Genre: Drama, Crime, Detective
Duration: 1 x ~ 00:55:00

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Audio Codec: AC3
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Subtitles: Russian, English

A cult American series that reveals the secrets of an inconspicuous provincial town where the murder of a young girl took place. Twin Peaks Season 3 Torrent The FBI agent, who arrived in this mysterious place, was entrusted with sorting everything out. The man could not imagine what he had to deal with!

Twin Peaks Season 3 Torrent For Free The series was first released in 1990. The third part of the event originates 25 years after the tragedy. The main character was trapped by the Black Wigwam. Now he will have to continue the investigation in the company of his partners: Ray and Daria. In Twin Peaks, everything is again uneasy, and strange events cause a lot of questions, the answers to which are not easy to find. Cooper managed to see a lot while in a city filled with mysticism and secrets. Now, everything is different. Naturally, the agent is waiting for the next difficult mission. But the advantage is that now he knows much more about Twin Peaks, and he will not work alone. But how will it all end? You can find out the result after watching the third season of the presented film.

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