13 Reasons Why Season 2
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All people are different, and their attitude to their own lives is different. Someone, even learning about a serious illness, continues to fight, not wanting to die from an ailment. And someone is too lazy to show character, and at the first difficulties they run after antidepressants, and make an appointment with a psychotherapist. But there are those who do not want to do anything at all, and put their hands on themselves. So did young Hannah, who decided to commit suicide for a number of reasons, which she herself counted 13 pieces. The girl studied at school quite average, did not have a bright appearance, was not popular among boys, was not friends with cool girls.

Episodes: 1-13 of 13 full added 13 episodes

Release Year: 2018
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13 Reasons Why Season 2 Torrent HD Problems accumulated, grew like a snowball, and once the young lady gave up. That and who pushed her to such an extreme step, she pre-recorded on audio tapes, devoting each individual film to a specific person and the events associated with him. Among the reasons for suicide was Clay Jensen, who was once in love with a dead schoolgirl. She did not notice his love, considering her love for the guy unrequited and stupid. Over the years, the young man found all the Baker records right on the doorstep of his house. They were put in a box, and just thrown up by a stranger.

So life is a tremulous thing. Everyone at any moment, for various reasons, can permanently lose it. The strong tragedy of Hannah Baker still worries the heads of all relatives and friends. The strange thing is that everyone is trying to cope with this problem in their own way. Hannah was such a fun and happy girl that no one could suspect her initial thoughts of suicide.

Sadness gripped the hearts of every friend and girlfriend, but Clay suffered the most. The deceased's best friend cannot understand the reasons for such an unexpected breakdown. Once, having arrived home, he finds an old cassette to a VCR. There were no such devices for scrolling cassettes at home, which is why Clay had to spend more than one day searching for a VCR. 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Torrent Download The guy was in complete shock when he heard Hannah's subtle voice on the tape. Tears began to well in his eyes. The boy begins to realize that what is happening with his girlfriend is a long and carefully planned murder. Yes, it’s murder. The girl was simply brought to that state.

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