Nancy Drew Season 1
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Adoring all sorts of investigations and numerous puzzles, the main character named Nancy Drew could not stay at home idle for a long time even on a regular school day. After classes, she hurried to the place where her help was needed. But the study is finished, now you need to choose a college for further education. She decides not to waste her summer time. Having collected all the necessary things, the girl went on a journey to a nearby city, but suddenly a misfortune occurs in the family. She is forced to stay at home, and puts all urgent troubles aside.

Episodes: 1-18 of 18 full added 18 episodes

Title: Nancy Drew (TV Series 2019)
Actors: Kennedy McMann , Leah Lewis , Maddison Jaizani , Tunji Kasim
Languages: English
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Mystery
Year: 2019
Runtime: 44
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Torrent Download Due to the need for cash, she goes to a small cafeteria to get a job as a waitress. Having met many new friends and acquaintances, she found out that in one settlement an accident happened with a young girl. It turns out she was found dead on the ocean. It is not known who the killer is, and for what reason such a malicious intent was committed. The heroine can not leave the case alone, she was very passionate about discovering the secret of the murder. Going in search of evidence, she suddenly realizes that she sees strange moments on a city street. Sometimes it seems to her that the ghost of the murdered Lucy is stalking her. Nancy made her way to the victim's house, wanted to find some things there, and soon faced another vision.

Nancy is a lucky person who, with a light remembrance, gets into constant trouble. The girl always finds herself in places where accidents, abductions, deaths or accidents occur. Due to such a curse, she decided to study as a detective. This will allow you to quickly get to the bottom of the truth, and find the right answers to the questions posed many years ago. Mystical and strange anomalous manifestations prove that there is something strange inside the main character, it helps to attract all the bad. Even an ordinary trip to college results in unexpected deaths.

Nancy Drew Season 1 Torrent HD The situation becomes tense when relatives and friends begin to flicker in the center of what is happening. At such moments, she has no right to be mistaken. If in other cases, only tears and the lives of strangers were at stake, now the stakes have risen substantially. She agrees to accept the challenge of the layer of fate, and independently conducts an investigation. New information shows that there is little hope for a normal existence. The main thing is to bring the begun line of disclosing the history of Nancy's past to the end. If this is not done, then the young lady will never be able to escape from the huge loop of failures and tragedies.

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