All American Season 2
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Living in the disastrous black quarter of Los Angeles, Spencer Pasinger used to daily observe poverty and criminal figures that could simply kill a person for the slightest error. Drugs and crime ruled in his area, but the guy always wanted to leave the hated streets and live a decent life outside the terrible quarter, where all young people sank to the bottom of the bottomless abyss. The hero was fond of American football and always chased the ball with the guys in the yard, which attracted the attention of an elite college coach who knows how to recognize future sports stars.

Episodes: 1-16 of 16 full added 16 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Sports, Drama
Duration: ~ 00: 43: 00

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The offer from the mentor of the college football team from Beverly Hills was a unique opportunity for the hero to escape from poverty and achieve success. Spencer agrees, but to learn among the arrogant majors is difficult for a simple black kid. You always have to prove your worth, because he does not have a prestigious status and like other rich sons the opportunity to waste money, live in huge mansions and relax in the Maldives. Pacer will have to constantly plow in order to become the best player in the team and gain respect with his work, and then join the professional league and show how it is worth conquering the unsurpassed peaks of Olympus.

All American Season 2 Torrent Download Spencer Pacer has for a long time devoted his own existence to his favorite pastime - American football. From an early age, the main character adored this game, so when he matured a little, he decided to go towards his cherished dream. Soon, the key character falls into the team that played for the poor area of ​​the huge metropolis of Los Angeles. Gradually, the courageous athlete was able to gain popularity and fame as a talented professional. After a while, a confident noble daredevil becomes a coach of an experienced team from the prestigious Beverly Hills educational institution, where children of influential and wealthy representatives of the elite elite are trained.

All American Season 2 Torrent HD However, the frightened person realizes that to fit into the newly-minted team will be a difficult task, since the majors are clearly not ready to welcome the poor man who was born in the criminal quarter. The participants of the glorious team treat their comrade as lazy mediocrity, in addition, the young man has dark skin, which also does not like the whole surrounding society. Despite such a development of the plot, Spencer believes that he will be able to achieve incredible success in his beloved field, as he is endowed with a special talent.

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