Another Life Season 1
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Since childhood, Niko Breckenridge was fond of the Universe and did not give up hope that we are not alone in the darkness of space. She spent many hours in her life studying materials from different corners of the Earth, observing the night sky with a telescope in search of unusual manifestations of life. For many years she tried to get sent into space in order to see with her own eyes what life has dedicated. The girl is sure that the information received can help find answers to questions that interest mankind. Finally, her efforts were crowned with success: management approved her candidacy, and she began preparations for the long-awaited event. Soon the heroine in the team tried to leave the atmosphere in search of a planet that humanity could populate.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Duration: ~ 01:00:00

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Another Life Season 1 Torrent HD In the process of completing the mission, the crew encounters a mysterious artifact near the Earth. In order to find out what it is and where it came from, people go to an unknown planet, not knowing that cunning alien creatures have set a trap for them and wait impatiently until they fall into it. Unimaginable fear and suffering await the heroes, but a person is a hardy creature and can cope with almost any task, even if it seems impossible.

Humanity does not stand still, daily inventing the latest advanced technologies, and improving obsolete models to a high level. Once, scientists invented special mechanized robots that can help improve the quality of life of the earth's population. Also, the human race is trying to study outer space and other planets, many are interested to know what is located there, outside the globe. Perhaps on other planets there are also some life forms. Not always the desire to learn something new, can bring the proper result and delight scientists.

Another Life Season 1 Torrent Download Soon, a spaceship was created, capable of a long time in open space. For the experiment, a specially trained team was assembled, led by a girl named Niko Breckenridge. Her subordination is a huge crew of qualified employees who know what to do in emergency situations. During the flight, the heroes notice an unusual artifact located not far from their home planet. The ship heads towards the object to find out what it is. They almost reached the right place, but unexpectedly faced with mortal danger.

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