Billions Season 5
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A young handsome guy named Bobby literally rose from the bottom. A few years ago, the main character was considered an ordinary representative of the financial sphere of activity, who worked hard in a small small company. The courageous noble young man suffered constant bullying from the immediate superiors.

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Release Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
Issued: USA

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Billions Season 5 Torrent HD However, the usual boring daily routine changed dramatically when one day the handsome man made a responsible balanced decision - to engage in the development of his own dizzying successful business. In a short time, the valiant brave daredevil turned into a real powerful millionaire who owned several large corporations. Every day, the influence of a wealthy entrepreneur grew thanks to the crazy amounts of tangible cash. This outcome allowed the actor to make useful contacts, which gave a chance to use dubious original schemes in reality. There was one person who did not share the joy and happiness of a cheerful character. Experienced prosecutor Rhodes is ready to take a chance to prove that in fact a man is an insidious intruder and fraudster.

Successful businessman Bobby Axelrod created an entire empire that brought him billions! The protagonist calmly survived even the financial crisis, which unsettled many other successful businessmen. True, the activities of Axelrod are suspicious of the local law servant Chuck Roads, the prosecutor whose wife works for Aksa. Roads is trying with all his might to prove that the billionaire makes his money, forgetting about the laws and rules of the country in which he lives.

Billions Season 5 Torrent Download One day, Chuck will be able to find incriminating evidence that can change the situation in this confrontation. However, soon the characters will have to unite to accept the challenge of the attorney general, who believes that both heroes are playing a double game. Axelrod and Roads are trying to confront a common enemy. This brings together the once warring parties, but after the successful defeat of the prosecutor, the heroes return to the state of the Cold War, which can turn in the most unpredictable way. The new fifth season continues this amazing project. Actors and new characters will continue the struggle for power and big money.

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