Castle Rock Season 2
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A sunny town with a careful look, it comes to the eyeballs filled with dark secrets. Each resident of Castle Rock is overcome with his sins. Good intentions and evil thoughts curl into a tight ball, which is already impossible to unravel. After a long absence, Henry Diver comes to this city. Everyone here considers a black lawyer a murderer. Indeed, many years ago a chilling story happened on Lake Castle. Henry's adoptive father returned mortally wounded from the forest, and the boy could not be found anywhere. Incredible, but after a few days he still found alive and unharmed.

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Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, thriller, detective, drama, fantasy
Duration: ~ 01: 00: 00

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Local residents began to suspect Diver of the crime and accused him of murder. Henry left the city for many years. But force majeure circumstances forced the lawyer to visit Castle Rock again. All the fault was an emergency in the local Shoushenk prison. The director of the correctional institution committed suicide. And his successor found a mysterious prisoner in the abandoned outhouse of the Shawshank. A haggard young man shunned people and barely spoke. It was the fate of the mysterious prisoner that attracted Henry Diver to the city of childhood. But the man did not suspect what forces he set in motion with his arrival.

Richard Castle, famous for writing crime-related works by a popular writer, organized a party to celebrate the release of his new detective. He did not expect anything extraordinary from her, except for visits by some well-known pen colleagues in New York society.

Castle Rock Season 2 Torrent HD Moreover, he could not assume that this small meeting would help him out of creative stagnation. The representative of the metropolitan police department, Kate Beckett, who appeared at the party, informed Castle that she was forced to interrogate him immediately because a certain criminal imitates the handwriting of crimes that Richard described in his stories and detective novels.

Castle Rock Season 2 Torrent Download From this moment, the partnership between the representative of the New York Police Department and the author of detectives begins. Castle takes part in the investigation as a consultant. The female detective who was collected and inherently responsible for her qualities was initially very annoying to the writer. After a period of time, everything changes. An eccentric writer and a female policeman adapt to each other, they become an ideal couple for the investigation. Kate pays tribute to Castle's intuition and out-of-the-box thinking, which helps to conduct an effective investigation.

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