Charmed Season 2
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After the grandmother’s tragic death, only three sisters remained in the family. Prue, the eldest of them, works in an auction house and appreciates the great works of real art historians. The second - moonlighting in the club and doing household chores. The third sister only recently moved to San Francisco. The relations of close relatives are very strained. They often quarreled and did not find a common language. But contrary to different views on life, they still need to reunite and forget about all the hardships.

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Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Duration: ~ 00: 43: 00


As it turned out, they are witches, whose strength is manifested only in the three. Otherworldly abilities suddenly awaken from them. Someone can control the surrounding objects with their thoughts or see the future, and someone can stop the passage of time. In their hands is the so-called Book of Sacraments. This thing is a powerful artifact that will help them fight opponents. At first, they manage to repel all sorts of attacks with difficulty. Gradually gaining experience, they learn to properly manage their abilities and fight demons and other evil spirits. However, how to lead a similar lifestyle, forgetting about normal work and friends?

Charmed Season 2 Torrent HD The three sisters met in order to spend the last journey of their loved one. Mother passed away so suddenly that none of them was ready for such a turn. In the usual life, the girls did not communicate much, but now they have to reconsider their relationship, because each of them understands that the time allotted to them is not forever. Arriving at the parental home, they united, and this unity gave them a chance to believe in themselves. Together with faith, magical powers came to them that they did not know about before.

Charmed Season 2 Torrent Download These powers made them enchanted, the most powerful witches possible. Now the girls have to accept this gift and do everything every day to save the world from the forces of evil. The elders and the book of sacraments will help them in this, which they will unexpectedly find in their attic. Yesterday, they were thinking about how not to tell each other a bunch of unnecessary things, because rare encounters in life would not have led to anything good and only teased the girls, but now everything is different. Now they know exactly what it means to be one. What is a family and who are the demons who are ready to break their spell in order to destroy each individually. The heroine has a lot to learn to learn to own and manage her gift, as well as to get used to the fact that their life will be completely different.

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