Devs Season 1
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The plot of the picture introduces the viewer to a charming girl named Lily Chan. It seems that from the very moment of birth, her future was predetermined. Being a curious and cheerful child, they were keenly interested in all possible technologies, surprising the knowledge of others. Parents were sure that one day the baby would become an upscale professional and build an excellent career. Having matured, the main character decides to enter an engineering institute. Here she receives a lot of useful knowledge and finds true friends. Having received the coveted diploma, the young lady decides to move to San Francisco.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Drama
Duration: ~ 00: 50: 00

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Devs Season 1 Torrent Here she quickly finds work in a large company called Amaya. Colleagues were sure that one day the new one would make a lot of amazing discoveries. Finding an apartment and falling in love with a cute guy, Lily begins to simply enjoy life. She did not suspect that soon fate would force her to face terrible events that would make her experience inhuman suffering. After burying his beloved man, Chan begins his own investigation. Realizing that the head of the secret unit is to blame for the death of her lover, the girl comes into a state of shock.

Events unfold around a young girl named Lily. So there were circumstances that besides work, everything expensive and valuable was missing. She had to get up early and go to the enterprise, where she worked as a computer engineer. Later, she did spend the night at the workplace a couple of times. The main character dreamed of taking a good position in the company, but, unfortunately, she had a huge number of competitors and impressionable people with special skills and the gift of developing technology. It would not hurt to start a family, but there was no free time to chill out at restaurants and get acquainted with men, the casual proximity with an employee at work led the young lady to a romantic acquaintance.

Devs Season 1 Torrent Now Lily has the opportunity to create an amazing loving family. The man looked after her, and did everything possible so that the person was happy and did not pay attention to what was happening around. But often he hid some moments from his personal life. Later secrets and secrets turned into a tragedy. The guy was killed, and the girl can’t recover, dreaming of finding out as soon as possible who was involved in the death of her lover. A secret investigation led the heroine to amazing facts. It turns out that the employees of her company have a relationship regarding this matter.

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