Dracula Season 1
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Great Britain. London. Victorian era. A powerful influential monster, whose name is Dracula, comes to the vast territory. Almost every local resident heard such a dizzying name, but for a long time thought that the existence of a legendary strange person is circulated only by unpredictable incredible myths and rumors. Now, frightened residents have to put up with an unpleasant negative situation, as a cold-blooded blood-sucking man attacks many innocent victims every day.

Episodes: 1-3 of 3 full added 3 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Horror, Drama
Duration: ~ 01:30:00

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Dracula Season 1 Torrent Download The protagonist did not realize that he would stumble upon an unexpected resistance created by experienced talented hunters and armed warriors. It becomes clear that worthy opponents are direct descendants of an influential person - Van Helsing. From now on, a frightened kid will have to enter into a fierce confrontation against just representatives of the human race. Gradually, the central humble person begins to realize that in the near future it is necessary to come up with an original solution in order to defeat honest and decent soldiers. However, there is a mysterious weapon that can harm the count.

Dracula Season 1 Torrent HD For a long time, Dracula lived in the shade and acted carefully. In his native Transylvania, the bloodsucker has long gained fame as one of the most cruel and bloody monsters that Darkness can only give rise to. No one risks confronting the world's worst and most powerful vampire. But, the great Dracula is not enough to be king in the Romanian outback. He longs to conquer the whole world and make it the home of fanged ghouls. However, not everything is so simple: first you need to create an army of your own kind to spread the thirst for blood throughout the Earth with their help. The task is not easy for a fierce hermit, accustomed to loneliness. In addition, there are practically no people around, only mountains and forests. To find the first victims to turn into vampires, Dracula decides to go to London - one of the most populous cities on the planet. He believes that it is there that he will be able to saturate his thirst for blood, as well as spawn a myriad of the same monsters as he is.

But, not all Londoners are ready to endure a bloodsucker in their favorite city. People begin to get tired of constant fear for their own lives and agree to fight for their existence. Many of them decide to fight back to the vile Dracula, even in spite of his strength and power. The city was gradually divided into two camps: on the one hand, converts vampires are ready to destroy humanity, on the other - the bravest of people take desperate steps to save their species.

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