Empire Season 6
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Empire Season 6 Torrent Download The life of a black man named Lucius Lyon can be envied, the hero is married to a beautiful woman named Cooky, who gave birth to three sons. The hero managed to build a huge and profitable musical empire in the direction of hip-hop alone. The man is happy and proud of his brainchild, but suddenly life began to slide downhill, due to constant scandals with his wife, his wife was soon put in prison. The next blow was the news of the deadly disease of Lucius, he had to live fully, only three years. For this short period, the hero needs to choose a receiver.

Episodes: 1-18 of 18 full added 18 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Music, Drama
Duration: ~ 00: 44: 00


The ex-wife dreams of snatching a tidbit from the business, her former spouse, only the businessman categorically does not want to bring this treacherous woman to business. The boy’s choice falls on the eldest son, only a black man doubts that a frivolous offspring will be able to keep the company afloat, and whether he will hand over to her mother, who can easily sell offspring, for the sake of another dose of cocaine. While he is tormented with a difficult choice, competitors are weaving around him, dreaming of tidying up Mr. Lyon’s acquired over the years hard work.

The ambitious creator of a large empire in show business, after a thorough examination, discovers an ailment that previously kills him within a three-year period. This news upsets him, motivates him in search of a new heir to the corporation. Having examined all the candidates, he notices strange activity from representatives of the family circle. Spouse, sons try to curry favor with the head, because of which begins a serious confrontation between relatives. Nobody cares that only three years remain in their family member. The priority is to do everything, if only the will was their name. The protagonist sees that there will be no sense from relatives, they are unlikely to be able to properly lead the company.

Empire Season 6 Torrent HD With slow steps, he observes the workers, and notices an unremarkable, diligent young man. A couple of weeks showed that inside this person there is a powerful core, willpower. He easily tolerates all reproaches from an unscrupulous assistant, and still performs the work with dignity. Begins to squeeze closer with him, learn about life and the intricacies of management skills. The main character makes an incredible turn, and rewrites the director's chair and the main shareholding on this employee. He does not want the musical empire, created over the years of torment, to fall apart, and deliberately elects the unknown, but hardworking guy with powerful biases as the direct heir.

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