Goliath Season 3
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A careerist and successful attorney named Billy did a great job when he founded the law firm with his best friend. Later, a friend suggested that he draw up all the documents for himself, and in this way save the main character from reporting. The naive and gullible character believed his comrade and did everything as he asks. Later it turned out that the man was specially provoked to deprive him of the right to a law office. Now he is on the street, having lost absolutely everything. People around him do not trust him, his reputation is undermined, Billy can only deal with the affairs of prostitutes and drug addicts.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

Production: USA
Release Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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The character is in a depressed state, now he spends time at the bar, drinks alcohol and goes home. Similarly, he repeats any day, and has already come to terms with his own habitation, not trying to take revenge on his enemies. But suddenly a pretty girl turns to him for help. She explains that her brother, who was once the best friend and colleague of the lawyer, committed suicide. On a yacht, he laid out explosives and exploded along with the vehicle. A strange circumstance very affected the soul of the person, he decided to help the girl cope with this investigation.

Goliath Season 3 Torrent HD Having completely lost confidence in today's life, the main character named Bill decided to stop communicating with people around him, and he is only engaged in his own oppression and drunkenness. He spends time at the bar and speaks exclusively with waiters and bartenders, ordering another drink. Many people know about his past, but try not to affect this man, believing that they will harm his psyche too much. It turns out that earlier the character was a co-founder of a law office, coped with the duties of a lawyer, and tried to do everything possible so that his clients would win at court hearings. All this was as if in a fairy tale, he believed that success would not pass by, but suddenly the traitors were next to him.

Best friends made the guy sign documents, he did not know about them, trusting overly close personalities. Now he lost his shares and work, wandering the streets of the city. Sometimes familiar lawyers turn to him for help, and offers to deal with cases related to drug addiction. On this, he earns small savings, and drinks them in the usual institution. Goliath Season 3 Torrent Download But suddenly his life changes when he meets an old acquaintance, she asks for his help.

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