I Know This Much Is True Season 1
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I Know This Much Is True Season 1 Torrent HD The focus is on two twin brothers whose stories are proof of the strength of family ties. Dominic is a middle-aged man undergoing an existential crisis. It is difficult for him to understand himself in the future, and an additional catharsis is the very deplorable state of his brother. The diagnosis of paranoia and schizophrenia made Thomas an inadequate and irritable person, whose calmness can easily be turned into rage.

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Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
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Such sharp emotional outbursts did not become something familiar for Dominic, who for many years tried to ignore the problem. But when the situation worsened, he realized that he could not allow his beloved brother to shun ordinary life because of the diagnosis.
A man constantly recalls the past and what kind of relationship connected two absolutely identical guys. He seeks support from a sick mother, whose days are almost numbered. It forces the son to rethink values ​​and reminds of how fragile a familiar life can be.
Dominic sets out to pull his brother out of the clinic and again become his best friend. Will the purposeful hero manage to circumvent the strict laws of the clinical content, or will he despair of taking prohibited measures?

I Know This Much Is True Season 1 Torrent Download The plot of the picture takes the viewer to a small provincial town in Connecticut, where two twin brothers live. From early childhood, Thomas suffers from schizophrenia, forcing him to take a variety of potent drugs. The protagonist is well aware that without pills his life will turn into a real nightmare. Dominic tries to support a relative, realizing that something irreparable must happen one day. He did not suspect that soon his crazy brother would cut off his hand right in the walls of the city library. The young man assures that the war in the Persian Gulf pushed him to this madness, and he simply could not do otherwise.

Doctors fail to save the cut off limb, and Thomas himself goes to a psychiatric clinic famous for cruel mores and inadequate orderlies. Not wanting to silently watch the suffering of a loved one, Dominic decides to free him at all costs. Ahead of the participants of this story is a whole heap of dizzying adventures that will force them to renounce their former ideas of society and look at the world around us with completely different eyes.

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