Locke & Key Season 1
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The aristocrat decided to inherit all the little things that were in the direct property of the deceased or deceased person. Greed and greed will not allow an extra silver spoon to lose sight of. The main characters are the blood descendants of a truly rich representative of the elite. Along with the start of the inspection of the mansion, small formalities arose in the correct distribution. The man loved women, and an intimate relationship with them to such an extent that he bred six children. Locke & Key Season 1 torrent online for free.

Episodes 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama
Duration: ~ 00:57:00

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Looking at the building, they accidentally discover a mysterious box with exclusive keys. Their form suggested that they do not open doors or treasure chests. Later, sisters and brothers will have to plunge into unprecedented horror. The irresponsible neglect of parental warning has led to the emergence of a powerful evil in this world that has been held by the family for centuries. A real confrontation begins, where still very young main characters will have to realize themselves as a guardian and protector. If the blood’s heirs die, then the risks of plunging the universe into darkness will multiply. Was the awakening of the essence by an absurd accident, or is it intentionally someone behind it?

USA. Massachusetts. Nice picturesque mysterious town Lovecraft. Our days. Nina Locky is a charming noble girl who is currently going through hard times. The fact is that the main character recently suffered a terrible loss - the death of her beloved legal spouse. Now a frightened person has to take care of three growing heirs all alone. After an imminent funeral, the sad sad family moves to a mysterious luxurious mansion, which has the name House of Keys.

Locke & Key Season 1 Torrent Piratbay It becomes known that the dizzying structure was inherited by a newly-made widow from distant relatives, who also recently died in a painful dubious and dangerous method. Despite numerous diverse troubles and problems, courageous valiant children hope that soon the usual established rules will acquire new colors and change into a positive and decent channel. The naive, confused fools did not realize that they would soon discover the ancient secret of a small room in which there are doors to parallel universes. The poor fellow will enter into an unequal battle with many powerful mystical creatures who were not happy about the appearance of uninvited guests.

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