Manifest Season 1
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During the flight of flight Montego Air Flight 828, passengers and crew were in a zone of increased turbulence, but after a certain period of time, the situation returned to normal and the aircraft was able to go further along the designated route. After a certain period of time, the airliner will land at the designated point, but with some delay. After some time, shocking information appears that confirms that after the plane got into turbulence, it disappeared from view and existence for five whole years. Relatives and friends of the passengers who were on the plane very old and changed their appearance over the long five years, but the disappeared ones have not changed at all. They had the same appearance as at the beginning of the flight.

Episodes: 1-16 of 16 full added 16 episodes

Release Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Detective
Duration: ~ 00:42:00

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Manifest Season 1 Torrent Mirror From the very beginning, the Air Flight 828 airliner was not a mystical and unusual flight. On board the plane were ordinary residents of various cities. Nothing foreshadowed the nightmarish events that could cross out five years of existence from human lives. When the plane took off, it immediately fell into the turbulent zone. A huge panic began in the passenger compartment, the entire aircraft crew reassured the passengers and explained to them that the passengers were not in danger, but no one knew that for that period of time, their flight mysteriously disappeared from the radar. It goes without saying that the disaster was prevented, and after a certain period of time, the plane, as if nothing had happened, continues to fly. After arrival, a series of very strange and mysterious incidents begins that surprise all people. Upon arrival, law enforcement officials, medical workers rushing to the plane, and passengers were strictly forbidden to leave the plane.

After the liner was carefully studied, it became known that the plane was considered missing for five whole years, but none of the crew or passengers noticed this. Relatives thought that their loved ones were dead, but the pilots said that several hours passed from the moment of their departure to the place of arrival. Manifest Season 1 Torrent Watch Since then, all the heroes will rebuild their lives, build relationships with relatives and reconcile with the fact that their children have grown up. They will console those who for the whole period of time thought that their loved ones were dead. What will have to survive the heroes who have lost precious time and missed the opportunity to stay with their loved ones?

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