Manifest Season 2
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The most ordinary, unremarkable day. Montego AirFlight 828 airliner is preparing for departure. A group of passengers is awaiting departure. Among them are a young couple from America, twins Olive and Kel with father Ben, girl Grace and many other characters in the series. Everything goes as usual, only all the tickets are sold, and the dispatcher in his message makes an offer to purchase travel vouchers. And part of the passengers departs on the first flight, among which all our heroes, as well as the boy Kel.

Episodes: 1-13 of 13 full added 13 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Detective
Duration: ~ 00:42:00

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Manifest Season 2 Torrent Download He is seriously ill with leukemia of an incurable form, but this is known only to his closest relatives. And then very strange events take place. First, the plane is in a zone of strong turbulence. But the plane successfully overcomes the danger zone and lands in the designated place. However, when they descend to the ground, passengers are faced with a ban on exiting, and they subject the luggage to the most thorough inspection. The revealed truth is really shocking for those who arrived: they were all absent for five years, but they didn’t age a bit, and they are sure that their absence was not so long.

The dramatic series “Manifest Season 2” continues to follow the fate of passengers of flight 828, who have been in flight for several years, not just a few hours. That is, it has been five years for all the other people, the passengers themselves, after landing, are sure that it was an ordinary, albeit not without some complications flight! Now they have to get used to the fact that life has gone five years ahead, including the lives of their loved ones.

But the strangest thing began after attempts were made to find out what happened to this flight and these people who have not changed a bit in five years. It turns out that people who have not noticed these years and have not undergone external changes have changed. Strange events start to happen to some of them - they see and hear the omens of troubles and disasters that should happen. This leads to the fact that the heroes of the series begin to study even more carefully, but in the finale of the first season the first dead appeared for no apparent reason.

Manifest Season 2 Torrent HD But this is not the worst thing that awaited those returning from an unusual air travel! It became known that there was very little time left for a final clarification of the causes of the incident, and if before that everything would remain the same secret, then all passengers of the ill-fated flight would die. Will the heroes know the truth, or will their lives end on the named day?

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