Messiah Season 1
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Eva Geller is a typical resident of the powerful democratic state of the United States of America. The main character has long been considered one of the most talented and successful employees of the Central Intelligence Agency. The noble decisive lady repeatedly demonstrated her unique dizzying leadership qualities, and constantly took direct part in risky responsible secret operations.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Duration: ~ 50min.

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Messiah Season 1 Torrent HD Once an ambitious young lady receives an order from an important guide, the essence of which is that the beauty will have to closely study a special amazing phenomenon. The fact is that on the territory of a small provincial town in the northern part of the country a strange mysterious man appeared who calls himself the newly made incarnation of Jesus Christ. For a short time, a mysterious man assembled a large-scale sect that literally worships the Messiah. The valiant operative is forced to go on a long journey to shed light on the history of the existence and occurrence of an intriguing anomaly. The avid atheist did not understand that she would be faced with true religion and sincere faith.

CIA agent Eva Geller is investigating the mysterious “miracle worker” who appeared out of nowhere and who already has followers around the world. Messiah Season 1 Torrent Download The heroine must determine whether he is a divine being or just a skilled manipulator.

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