Mrs. America Season 1
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Events unfold in 1970 around a pretty lady named Phyllis. For a long time she watched how men were accustomed to take care of women and earn money for the family, meanwhile, beautiful people were at home, watching home, organizing comfort and worried about children. Everything developed in this way, and did not violate the family idyll. But later it turns out that the state is going to amend the law regarding ladies. It turns out that they want to create a special section where an article on equal rights for people will be approved.

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Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Biography, History
Duration: ~ 00:45:00


Mrs. America Season 1 Torrent The young woman was in a terrible state, she does not know how to influence these situations, and decides to find like-minded people among her comrades-in-arms. She goes to the streets of the city, creates a special community where she invites all the lovely people. Ladies support her, they do not want to, along with men, perform various duties that were not previously related to them. Phyllis is confident that she will be able to gain a certain number of votes and express an opinion of resistance to the government. But she has no idea who she will have to contact in the future. Politicians are not going to follow the lead of the weaker sex, and want to prove the introduction of amendments beneficial to the situation in society.

Mrs. America Season 1 Torrent The protagonist is a girl named Phyllis Schlafly. So the circumstances were, she had long been fighting for the equal rights of men and women, and was committed to constantly protecting the activist community, where she herself participated. She is not enthusiastic about the current circumstances associated with different characters. The boys make them constantly stay at home, engage with children and household, but the girls want to find a suitable field, and develop as a person. They have to endure humiliation from close and dear personalities, as well as misunderstanding from a large audience. It turns out that even the created beauty contest, where girls are selected by appearance, exacerbates their position in public. The public is accustomed to evaluate lovely ladies as pictures, and to make of them a composition near the stronger sex. The young lady takes care to be perceived as individuals in the world, and goes to rallies along with her many brothers.

She created a society of feminists, supported their initiatives against politicians. The heroine does not intend to put up with what is happening now in the world. In 1970, in America, she became the first famous person to change the cultural society of the state. She wanted freedom for her species. The men realized that they had stopped holding the woman in check and lost control of her. Now it remains only to accept that the girls are becoming independent and responsible.

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