NOS4A2 Season 2
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The main character, young Victoria, is endowed with extraordinary abilities. The girl learned that she was able to create passages between universes and fall into the world of lost things: an unusual place where unnecessary and forgotten objects from earthly reality gather. As it turned out, many people have such a gift for moving, but not all of them are friendly, some of their skills have been changed for the worse, making them dangerous for others.

Having met Charlie Manks, the heroine realizes that, despite the external beauty and attractiveness, a very dangerous person is hiding inside. An intelligent mask is just a cover for the vile kidnapper of souls who decided in such a terrible way to extend their lives and come to immortality. From this moment in the life of Victoria begins a series of failures and personal experiences associated with the mysterious and inexplicable loss of her only son. In this situation, Victoria cannot and does not want to stand aside; she is determined to enter into a confrontation with the monster, to protect the world and save innocent people from the otherworldly threat.

NOS4A2 Season 2 Torrent Download For many years, Charles Manks drives along the roads, looking for good children and invites them to ride in the fabulous country of Christmas. There everyone laughs, plays, parents do not scold anyone and do not have to do homework. And for a trip to this country, he takes youth from his children as payment. Children themselves do not age, but Charles himself is getting younger right before his eyes. He arrives as a decrepit old man, and 20 minutes after the trip he looks like a middle-aged man. Of course, about any trip to a happy country, he does not bring children. The place where he lands them is terrible and cold.

Victoria McQueen recently found out that she can find lost things. And it doesn’t matter where they got lost. On her bike, she passes over a bridge that disappeared several years ago and ends up at the place where the lost item is located. NOS4A2 Season 2 Torrent HD Such travels are not pleasant to the girl. They take a lot of energy, and she still cannot believe in such miracles. But Charles Manks comes for her young girlfriend, and now, to find her, the girl will have to learn how to use her gift. A monster abducting children is not ready to give up its immortality. With a girl who wants to stop him, he will not stand on ceremony.

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