Party of Five Season 1
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Party of Five Season 1 Torrent HD the series, is a remake of the eponymous series, which was broadcast on television from 1994 to the 2000s. The focus is on a guy named Emilio. Once the parents of the protagonist are deported to Mexico, and the guy himself remains behind the main one in the Buendía family. In addition, four relatives are under his leadership. He is a brother - a bully named Beto, who chose the wrong path and expects him from school.

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Title: Party of Five (TV Series 2020)
Actors: Brandon Larracuente , Niko Guardado , Emily Tosta , Elle Paris Legaspi...
Languages: English Spanish
Country: USA
Directed by:
Genres: Drama , Family , Romance
Year: 2020
Runtime: 45
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10

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In addition, he needs to look after his sister Lucia, who was once a good student and obedient girl, but she is currently going through a difficult teenage period, which she can not cope with. He also has a sister named Valentine. Despite her age, the girl is always ready to help people. The smallest member of the protagonist's family is a baby who recently turned just a year old. The protagonists of the series will have to independently solve their own problems and get out of all kinds of difficulties.

Freedom Channel offers viewers a new dramatic project, Party of Five Season 1 Torrent Download The film offers viewers to plunge into the atmosphere of life of five children who are forced to survive in this world alone. Their parents were deported to their homeland, and the youths had to stay in a foreign country, where they have no connections and friends. Of course, this situation looks sad and very difficult, so young people will have to be one in order to cope with numerous difficulties. Will they be able to wait for their loved ones?

Those will be in Mexico for quite some time. The project is a kind of restart of the original series of the late nineties. This time, the parents of the main characters do not die, but face another misfortune, relevant for many people who come from Latin America to the United States. What will be next? We will find out very soon. Happy viewing.

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