Room 104 Season 3
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In an ordinary provincial town, a prestigious hotel is located, which is located near the airport. At first glance, this exotic institution does not differ in special comfort and working personnel. However, the premises are considered a difficult place. Numerous different visitors did not realize that recently unpredictable everyday dramas were unfolding on the hotel grounds.

Episodes: 1-12 of 12 full added 12 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Duration: 00:25:00

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Room 104 Season 3 Torrent Download Often, the main clients were representatives of the influential elite who did not understand that in the next 104 issue, an ordinary guy, faced with dangerous troubles, prepared forever, leave the borders of his beloved state. In other rooms, a couple in love is given to sexual joys, and behind the wall they are closely watched by a serial maniac who wants to harm the poor innocent victims. Meanwhile, the entire administration is not going to talk about a variety of piquant topics that could adversely affect the fate of the building. The situation becomes fatal when a young handsome young man settles in a gloomy room, where he is attacked by demonic creatures.

The series tells the story of a New York hotel, and specifically about one of its 104 rooms. Each half-hour episode is a separate story, not connected between the plot and with new characters. Events can unfold in the comedy genre, in the dramatic or even horror. The key link of what is happening, as a rule, is the bathroom, where the climax occurs.

Room 104 Season 3 Torrent HD In the first episode, a busy father who was late for a business meeting asked Maggie, a self-employed nanny, to look after his restless son Ralph. Seemingly quiet and obedient at first glance, the child turns out to be a real devil of embodiment, bringing the woman to a nervous breakdown. In the following story, a couple ordered pizza in their room, but they did not have small notes to pay for delivery to the courier. The man left the hotel to withdraw money from an ATM, and this time a loving woman tries to seduce a shy delivery man.

Events unfold in ordinary hotels, which is located near the airport. Hotel life is boring and of the same type. Every new day guests come here who settle in the next room. Everything goes according to plan, without any special incidents. Some clients come, others leave - nothing is unusual. But the hotel room 104 is always remembered for an extraordinary story that happened either with guests or with hotel staff. Each new series of the picture is another narrative story about the clients of this issue. These stories are always of a different genre. There can be cute and harmless playful or comic scenes. Drama with its deplorable outcome is possible. Love stories are also possible, which end with either a quarrel or a sweet love affair.

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