Spinning Out Season 1
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Katie Becker is a pretty charming girl who from a young age showed a special dizzying interest in a rare professional sport - figure skating. The main character worked hard for a long time and trained under the sensitive and responsible control of an outstanding talented coach. During the next competition, an unpredictable unforeseen event occurs, as a result of which the bright beauty receives serious injury.

Episodes:1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Sports
Duration: ~ 55min.

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A frightened, confused person ends up in a local state hospital, and tries to regain his former physical form. However, the main catch is that in fact the poor fellow is experiencing psychological troubles and problems. To stay in the sport, the naive silly woman decided to change the usual established rules and laws, and goes into pair skating. Soon, the charming lady met with a potential partner - Justin Davis, who was clearly not happy about the appearance of an uninvited guest on the horizon. Now the new tandem needs to find a common language and make a reasonable compromise in order to win the long-awaited medals and awards in the near future.

Spinning Out Season 1 Torrent Download The plot focuses on the girl Katie, a very talented and capable skater who will certainly prove herself and become an amazing athlete. In order to achieve high results, Kat trains almost every day, devoting herself to classes. The heroine dreams of one day becoming the winner of the Olympics, but these dreams have to break on the rocks of injustice and resentment. Katie will soon be injured, which will put an end to her sports career. An incredible effort will cost her return and recovery.

Spinning Out Season 1 Torrent HD The main character knows. that it will be extremely difficult to go all the way anew, however, she has an alternative scenario. The girl goes to pair skating, where she will perform with her partner. Her teammate will be the young man Justin, the guy is quite narcissistic and extremely tactless. He plays a kind of "bad guy" who is unlikely to be a disciplined Kat in character. However, he will be able to cope with the internal experiences of his teammate. Perhaps Justin will prove to be the very person who will help to endure mental trauma and numerous difficulties.

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