Stumptown Season 1
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Stumptown Season 1 Torrent Download Dex admits that he is not sure of the honesty of what is happening in Portland, which motivates him to become an advanced detective. Former service in the United States Army helped to find the necessary funding to open a personal business. Now there is a special place in it, where she is able to normally control all people, somehow connected with her relatives. Oregon is not always friendly and sweet to honesty and justice. The presence of a huge number of criminals allows the main character to constantly be on trips and inquiries. Thanks to good statistics, she managed to prove herself so. To turn to her regional services. They begin common cooperation for the benefit of a normal existence for citizens.

Episodes: 1-18 of 18 full added 18 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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Once she encounters an incomprehensible criminal who drops the word before death that there is a rat in the regional department. It is unlikely that he talks about animals. She decided to hide this information in order not to betray herself, and not to make the traitor worry. She uses all the power of her existing skills to catch a werewolf. Will she be able to carry out this secret mission to rid human rights bodies of the source of the discharge of key data?

A pretty person took care of her own existence for a long time after her father died. The man in the past was engaged in various settlements of conflicts and scandalous topics. He became a well-known civil servant with respect among the public and the local inhabitants. His daughter, Dex, decided to keep up with the parent, and to fulfill immediate duties in order to affect the well-being of those around him. But for now, she only has to infiltrate criminal gangs, engage in gambling and find adventure on her own soul.

Stumptown Season 1 Torrent HD Having bet with a particularly dangerous criminal, she lost to him in cards, and is forced to repay a large debt. The girl had no money, so 2 thugs sent for her. Grabbing it and putting it in the trunk, the guys decided that they could deal with such a brave and obstinate person. But she climbed into the car, and beat the men with their hands tied. Later, she gets a new business, it turns out that the heroine works as a private detective, and occasionally performs various tasks. She realizes that she simply needs to finish with the current lifestyle. But he has not yet decided to do this.

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