The 100 Season 7
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A good hundred years have passed since those terrible events that destroyed all life on Earth. The reason for this was the global nuclear war, the victims of which were all, without exception, the inhabitants of the planet. Only a few managed to leave it and find their refuge in the space orbital station. Now, after many years, the leadership of the community decides to send a space shuttle to Earth to check the condition of the planet. For this mission, they decide to recruit a team of hundreds of juvenile offenders sentenced to death. Arriving at their destination, adolescents find themselves in quite open spaces, if not for it. Radioactive radiation gave rise to the emergence of monstrous mutants that now inhabit the land.

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Release Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, Drama, Detective
Duration: ~ 00:42:00

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The 100 Season 7 Torrent They are dangerous and aggressive and the heroes face an unequal battle in the struggle for survival. In the highlands they discover a cave in which, as it turned out, a few more representatives of the human race found their salvation. They have not undergone mutational changes, but are forced to hide in the depths of the cave, so as not to become victims of terrestrial inhabitants. A team of young suicide bombers unites with the tribe and embarks on a joint difficult struggle.

As a result of the nuclear apocalypse, life on the planet is completely destroyed, there is nothing alive. Everything looks like a scorched desert, where it was impossible to survive and everything could not be fixed soon. But in the midst of this chaos in orbit, about four hundred people remain, who will have to become new inhabitants of the earth. For this, it must take many years for at least a few traces of radiation to leave and therefore, at the moment, they must exist in a closed space.

The 100 Season 7 Torrent In this regard, the government existing here decides to send about a hundred people to Earth, including ordinary teenagers who once violated the law so that they would try to equip and master a new life. And now young children, under the power of fear and horror, fall on the terrain, which, as it turned out, is suitable for life. But the problem is aggravated by new mutant residents, who in every way prevent aliens. Guys expect many dangerous situations that they at their young age are not easy to overcome. I wonder how their fate will develop in the future, will it be possible to transmit information to the ship?

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