The Deuce Season 3
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In the seventies, Manhattan turned into a mixture of a brothel and a porn studio - New York was mired in debauchery. Journalist Sandra Washington carried out her own investigation and personally talked to adherents of a rampant lifestyle and the real kings of the sex joy industry. Frankie and Vincent Martino are trying to survive in a giant metropolis where no one cares about other people's problems. A simple bartender, Vince suddenly gets the opportunity to join the porn business. He becomes a pimp, begins to make decent money, pays off the debts of his brother, who left his fortune in bookmakers, and soon opens a brothel.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Duration: ~ 00:55:00

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The Deuce Season 3 Torrent Download While the brothers make their way to the heights of the New York criminal business, a confused woman by the name of Eileen finally realized that she couldn’t catch clients in the gates and on the sidelines of night roads. The girl is afraid that one of the men will beat her or rob her. The police will not defend the interests of the prostitute, so she will have to take care of her safety on her own. The woman met with the famous pornographic director Harvey - he immediately invited her to star in the film, introducing the future superstar to the public. The porn actress turned out to be so talented that over time she occupied the director's chair.

The historical reality in the plot takes you to the glorious seventies of the last century, marked by an unprecedented surge in the American community’s unprecedented interest in cinema products for adults. All kinds of businessmen and crooks from such a specific business, instantly realized their own benefits, hastily made large investments in such an attractive enterprise, waiting get a decent jackpot. The dubious porn industry is gaining unprecedented momentum, and the large metropolis of New York is becoming the main center where the streets of Manhattan are flooded with numerous, private film studios specializing in filming controversial film production.

The Deuce Season 3 Torrent HD Parallel to the appearance of small studio venues, there was an explosive growth of offices, where for small cash, thirsty customers were provided with a whole variety of carnal pleasures, and a cohort of cute, attractive, rather liberated girls of easy virtue only increased the excitement. This unique opportunity was immediately attended by the Martino brothers, well-known pimps in the district.

They were considered the kings of prostitution, keeping this profitable area under vigilant control, receiving huge profits, absolutely confident in the stability of a profitable event. They managed to establish close contact with law enforcement agencies, having received the necessary support, the main protection against sneaky competitors. The emergence of a new way of income, and acquaintance with the unique beauty Abby, a young college student, prompted the opening of a new direction, bringing income for more than two decades.

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