The Eddy Season 1
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Paris and jazz create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere in the new mini-series from Netflix. The plot of the musical drama "eddy" from the creators of the popular film La La Land unfolds in the capital of France. Club "Eddy" is located not on the outskirts, but also not in the center, where crowds of tourists go. Elliot Udo, a pianist from America, found this place a good place to open a cool club.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

Actors: André Holland , Tahar Rahim , Leïla Bekhti , Randy Kerber...
Languages: English
Country: UK Germany USA
Directed by:
Genres: Drama , Musical
Year: 2020


The Eddy Season 1 Torrent HD He is a former jazz musician based in New York who invested his money in Eddy with his French partner Farid. Elliot is responsible for the creative part of their project, and Farid is responsible for the business.

However, their institution does not yet make a profit. In the personal life of the protagonist, too, not everything is simple. He has a difficult relationship with his father and no less confused with one singer. But once on the threshold of his apartment appears 15-year-old daughter Julie, and Elliot understands that it is time to restore order in his own life.

The Eddy Season 1 Torrent Download Noisy, bohemian, beautiful Paris, in which people of various nationalities and cultures live, where architectural styles and eras are mixed. This is where the action of the new musical drama from the director of the film “La La Land” takes place. Watch the online series "Eddy", a musical about a small cozy Parisian club, where people who speak different languages gather. We learn about the owner of the club and the musical group that performs here. And around crowded, but beautiful Paris.

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