The Fugitive Season 1
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Mike Ferro is a man who is considered the main culprit of the explosion that occurred in the city. The man, in fact, did not commit the crime of which he is accused, but he understands that all the evidence is against him. Ferro is sure that he was framed, but if they seize him now, he will not be able to prove the opposite. Mike decides to go on the run in order to find clues and evidence that could lead to a real criminal while he is at large. The best cop of the city announces the hunt for him, which certainly will not let go of such a dangerous criminal who has already become a mass media.

The Fugitive Season 1 Torrent HD He does not want to go to jail for what he did not commit. But in order to clear his name, he will have to work hard. The plot of the series revolves around a man named Michael Ferro. Circumstances developed so that he was in the wrong place, and at the wrong time. Going down to the Los Angeles subway, Michael witnesses a monstrous terrorist attack.

The Fugitive Season 1 Torrent Download He miraculously managed to survive, but due to erroneous evidence, he quickly turns into the main suspect in the commission of a terrorist act. Information about him is instantly distributed on social networks and now hundreds of police officers are looking for him, including seasoned detective Clay Bryce. He is sure that it was Ferro who detonated the bomb and, in view of the great public danger, he can not be taken alive.

The suspect has the only way to escape and try to hide. But this cannot go on for a long time. The fugitive is looking for the whole of Los Angeles in confusion and panic. Mike can rely only on himself. Therefore, he decides to find a real criminal and prove his innocence.

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