The Good Doctor Season 3
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The story is about a young and talented doctor with Savant syndrome, who is not able to feel anything for people, but who is forced to do his job of saving human lives. Martin Blake is a graduate of Medical University, who is an ambitious young man graduating with honors.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Torrent Download The young man gets a place in one of the prestigious clinics in the city. Martin was confident that thanks to his brilliant abilities and knowledge, he would be able to quickly and easily gain trust among colleagues and patients. But in reality, everything turned out to be much more severe. The medical colleagues did not take Martin seriously, they constantly made fun of him, and the patients were completely rude. Martin did not dream of such a career.

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Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
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And then one day a young and attractive patient Dayana with a kidney infection gets to him. For a long time the girl will not stay there, for a maximum of a couple of weeks and for discharge. During the period of treatment between the patient and the doctor, friendly trust was established.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Torrent HD Dr. Martin correctly applies the knowledge and the girl is recovering. But in fact, he does not want to deprive himself of the society of Dayana. After all, Martin managed to get attached to her very much. And what can I say, she is the only one in this clinic who understands and supports him. And then Martin decides on a terrible act if only to leave the girl with him. On the day of discharge, Dayana was no longer in the hospital bed.

Young Sean Murphy is diagnosed with Savant Syndrome. Individual characteristics did not prevent the protagonist from receiving a medical school diploma. Subsequently, the guy got a job. The team of more experienced doctors was initially skeptical of the beginner's actions. The difficulty is that Sean is a 10-year-old child at heart. Naturally, his individual actions correspond to the level of development of children of this age. Despite his peculiarity, Murphy was able to quickly demonstrate the ability to gain experience. Gradually, colleagues with less skepticism began to perceive the young doctor. Sean is sure he can become a truly talented surgeon. True, the guy must always remember about his features.

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