The New Pope Season 1
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The New Pope Season 1 Torrent Download Faith and the Church do not really have much in common. If the first is a holy, pure feeling, independent of any circumstances, then religion has been compromising itself for many centuries. Especially if it's Catholicism. With their easy submission religious fanaticism was born, bearing the terrible name of the Inquisition.

Episodes: 1-9 of 9 full added 9 episodes

Actors: Jude Law , John Malkovich , Silvio Orlando , C├ęcile de France...
Languages: English Italian
Country: Italy France Spain USA UK
Directed by:
Genres: Drama
Year: 2019
Runtime: 60


The affairs of the past have long sunk into oblivion, however, even today the Catholic Church is bogged down in vice and debauchery. True shepherds are few. One of them, Lenny Benardo, fell into a coma and remained unconscious for many months. Several heart operations did not produce the desired effect. Despite the fact that the previous Pope is not dead yet, the cardinals are beginning to weave intrigues in order to seize the new chosen one on the throne ... However, will they be able to pull the strings of someone who does not want to become their puppet?

The New Pope Season 1 Torrent HD There comes a time to choose a new Pope and church ministers, gathered at the cathedral, choose a young man - Cardinal Lenny Belardo. Priests pursue one main goal - in the future they are going to manipulate it. True, on the first working day, the newly made head of the church throws them into utter disappointment and horror, destroying their last hope. The protagonist, now called "His Holiness", demands that he give him the papal tiara, which one of his predecessors refused in 1963 and declared freedom of faith. Pius 13 violates all existing rules and laws. He smokes at any time and place where he wants, including during prayers. The man eats little and shies away from the delights of Italian cuisine accepted here, preferring to drink a bottle of cherry cola for breakfast.

In addition, the character does not particularly favor his own subordinates: he can send them on a business trip even to Alaska. As for his relatives, his hippie parents left him a long time ago and went for a walk around Venice. He does not understand the reasons for such a cruel act, but he has been trying to find them all his life. Later, as a result of the wiles of enemies and confrontation, the hero has a heart attack, which leads to death.

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