The Undoing Season 1
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An attractive pretty girl Grace was born and raised in the territory of the multi-million large-scale large-scale American metropolis of New York. The main character has been working as a talented promising therapist for a long time. In the personal life of a beautiful woman, the situation also develops in an almost ideal way. The Undoing Season 1 Torrent HD The fact is that next to the sexy charismatic lady is a loving, caring, worthy spouse who helps a noble fair young lady raise a wonderful young son.

Everyone's attention suddenly switches to an interesting and fascinating hobby of an innocent victim who engages in literary activities in her free time. It turns out that an ambitious lady will soon publish her first book, which deals with the idea that various women should listen to their own developed intuition, as well as trust the first unique impression of different men. The colors thicken when, on the eve of the ceremony, the head of the family suddenly disappears. Former fairy-tale life turns into a real unforeseen nightmare.

Often, members of their own family hide far more secrets than strangers passing by, this is the main character of the series. Grace Sachs, a wealthy successful psychotherapist from New York, was sure that in her life everything was perfect and all the secrets of a happy family she knew. And really, what else is needed when a loving and beloved husband, Jonathan, son of Henry gives very high expectations, and a career goes uphill, and her own book about married life will soon be released?

The Undoing Season 1 Torrent Download But at one point, everything that used to seem real turned out to be an illusion: shortly before the book was published, someone committed a bloody murder, the faithful spouse mysteriously disappears, moreover, facts come out that Grace was not ready to find out. And all this translates into a massive PR scandal that could seriously harm a successful career as a psychologist.

Dr. Sachs will have to understand that the book she wrote about the happiness in the house is not about her at all, and to restore the pieces destroyed, while helping her son cope with the problems. Can she survive the betrayal and return to life?

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