What If Season 1
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Anna is a mysterious and doubting young lady with suspicious motives. Everywhere where she is present, strange events begin, as if they are attracted to her, sticky. In fact, everything is concentrated in her unique skill - to manipulate and keep the human brain in a state of turbidity, and to force to make any whims. She came to similar tricks after talking trainings and studying psychology, including hypnosis. She tries to use the gift for the good in order to begin the process of overcoming the difficulties of relatives and relatives.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Release Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Duration: ~ 00: 55: 00 series

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Format: AVI
Video: XVID, 720x400, 23.976 fps, ~ 1550 kbps avg, ~ 0.23 bit / pixel
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Subtitles: Russian, English

What If Season 1 Torrent Watch One day, she decides to help an unknown family that is experiencing a serious financial deficit. They did not dare to take significant steps so as not to find themselves in a deep pit. The main character conversational remarks completely relieved them of the fear of failure. This decision will completely change Anna's life, because the unexpected series of incidents created by her directly affects her friends and family. You have to create a cancellation of your own suggestion, otherwise everything will focus on the crisis inside her family hearth. She is easily able to twist other people's fates, in monstrous danger are completely unfamiliar faces.

Anna becomes a real magnet for action-packed intrigues of various people. Thanks to the incredible skill of manipulating human consciousness, he easily submits simple-minded and unprepared individuals to complexities. With a touch of words, they fulfill almost any of her wishes unquestioningly. The girl was able to perfect the talent. Now she deftly uses puppet strings to fine-tune what is happening for herself. It’s easier to set up your personal space, and to prepare a serene existence on the beach.

What If Season 1 Torrent Mirror One day she is faced with unexpected troubles. She was able to spoil the business a little to dangerous people who are completely devoid of compassion and excitement. Against non-emotional individuals, she is powerless. To cope with the upcoming troubles, she tries to set an opposing force in the person of law enforcement agencies against the enemy. The real surprise was that the lion's share of law enforcement agencies are on salary in this vile authority. Anna understands that there is not a single full-fledged acquaintance around who can be trusted, to substitute her back. The consequences of mistakes made will leave incurable wounds on the heart and soul.

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